Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun weekend

On Saturday, we left in the morning and headed for Cedar Rapids for Keaton's (our Nephew on Tim's side) HS Graduation Party. It was at Fred and Julie's house. It only took 5-1/2 hours to get we made good time. It was a nice reception. Got to see lots of family and the kids loved playing outside all day! After Keaton's party, we headed to another party for one of Tim's cousins. This was a nice party as well. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, since these were both outdoor parties. While at the 2nd party, the kids played in the yards of the neighbors; loving the swingsets and sandbox. Colin didn't want to leave either! We left from there and headed back to the house to get ready for bed.
On Sunday, we got to go to the train yard where Andy (Tim's brother) works. The kids were able to climb up onto the trains and even got to go inside a couple of them. Both kids loved climbing up the big steps and looking out the windows! After we left there, we drove to Beaver Park, to check out the animals. There were TONS of ducks, baby calves, turkeys, roosters, pigs, goats, and even prairie dogs. Once again, the weather was absolutely beautiful to be outside. We left from there to go play in the sand that Papa had bought for the kids. Grandma bought them each sand trucks and tools to dig, shake, etc. with. They really got a kick out of it! The rest of the day was played outside....riding bikes, walking, and even getting a little squirt gun action going on....thanks grandma!! It was a lot of fun! Ate Hy-Vee pizza for dinner, then played around until bedtime.
On Monday, the kids slept in, while I got things ready to head home. Fred and Julie were both at work. Julie returned aroun 9:30, when we decided to go play at a near by park then go for lunch. We played for maybe an hour, before heading to Olive Garden for lunch!! Yummy!
We left Cedar Rapids around 2pm...the first time. Then, just around Iowa City/Riverside, I remembered that I left our medicines at the house. UGH!! What to do. Soooo, instead of buying more of it at home, we decided to turn around. Leaving CR (for the second time) around 3 ish. Well, along the way, Colin has decided to unbuckle his seat and gets out of his shoulder straps. Where do kids learn these things? So, between the re-route to CR and stopping to buckle up Colin, we decided to make a pit stop in B-ton for the night. I still had 4 hours to go at 4:30!! I was tired, the kids were getting stir can only imagine. So the rest of the evening we hung out at my parents house. Kim and Peyton came out and we had DQ!!
Tuesday came and we had to head out. I had to work that night at 5. We made it home a little after 2. It was a great weekend! The kids are still worn out!

Being silly in the car

Playing in the yards...

Colin loved the sand!

twirling around, and around, and around....

on the trains

In the train...

At Beaver Park

Colin had tried to sit on the edge of the tub...didn't work like he wanted it to and fell in!

Drinking milk with Uncle Andy

Harley girl!

At the park

even Grandma went down the slide!

and up....

Yummy breadsticks at Olive Garden!!!

I took an onion out of the salad and tried to get him to eat it. He first tried it on as a bracelet. Then he bit into it...and needless to say, didn't like it!

Can we say CUTE???!!!


mandy said...

im so glad we got to see you...i was having such a horrible night monday and seeing you and the kids made it go away :)

love yas and miss yas!!!!

ps - i LOVE the pic of colin cheesing as well as tays :)

Aunt Jenny said...

I'm thinking I'm going to have to eat those kids up! Smother them with kisses for me! Glad you had such a good time.

Anonymous said...

Finally got to read the up-dates. The pics are all so cute. Glad you had a good time and also that you got to come here!! That was the BEST!! Love to all, G-Ma XO XO