Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 2 in St. Louis

On our second day in St. Louis, we went to the City Museum. I highly recommend this for any age kids. Josh and Chelsea took Jayden here last year and they recommended to us. The museum is very cool. So many things to climb up, in, down, and slide down! I had a blast! Oh, the kids did too. Colin loved the ball pits and Taylor loved climbing outside. It was raining when we got there in the morning, then by 1pm they opened the outside portion. There are 3-4 slides...that are 2-4 stories long. Of course, you have to climb your way up to them, and it's exhausting! But tons of fun! We got there after 10am and left around 3. It was a full day, but was fun to watch the kids experience this. Then we headed back to the hotel to freshen up for the big game!

Taylor attempting to climb up the rope ladder....she'd get stuck, then I would try to go up with her, then we'd both slide down!

Tim wasn't too fond of the height, he took Colin down to play in the balls.

Taylor and I climbed up to the airplane! It was so cool!

In the airplane.

These are all walk-ways to different attractions outside.

Sliding and climbing up the skateboard ramps. Taylor was having so much fun!

The kids eating poptarts before heading to the game.

Yes, Colin fell asleep around the 3rd or 4th inning and woke up close to the end. Even slept thru the fireworks they shot for the homeruns and the crowd yelling.

Ozzie Smith thru the first pitch! Pretty cool!

Cardinals win! 11-2

Beautiful Busch Stadium. This picture was the result of missing our "Last Missouri Exit", that took us into Illinois! Oops!
Wednesday we got up early to head back to Osage Beach. We got home, just to pick up some more clothes and Tim's suit. We then headed to Des Moines. What a long day in the car. But I think I enjoyed it more, since we were all together and Tim was actually not working :) We arrived in Des Moines around 7 ish and the kids so desperately wanted to swim. Went down the the indoor pool and it was freezing! I chickend out and sat at a table with Colin and watched Tim and Taylor swim. Thursday Tim had a meeting at the Corporate Offices. He was done by lunch time and went to Olive Garden! After lunch we headed to Burlington for the night. We went to the store first, since we were going to catch up with Lindsay and Andrew so Tim could meet little Annie. We went over to their house and visited and played with Annie until 6:30. We met my folks at Gators! Good company and great food!


mandy said...

go cubs go....go cubs go...hey chicago whaddya say, the cubs are gonna win today :p

also, "went down the the indoor pillow..." im pretty sure you meant "went down to the indoor pool..." teehee :)

good to seeyas

Anonymous said...

Great pictures you guys, I know you all had a great time. Love ya's, Dad/Papa xoxo

Anonymous said...

It all looked so fun, glad you were able to get there. And the game?? i can't put my finger on it but something wasn't quite right??!! Ha Ha. Glad you got home safe. love, Mom