Friday, May 8, 2009

Kids playing

All must come to an end right? Well, Monday arrived and Jenny left early that morning. I would be leaving with the kids after lunch. With all the kids out at the house, we wanted to go play outside. Of course, they all had tons of fun.

Jayden 'mowing' the lawn.

Gavin loves being pulled in his wagon!!!

So Jenny bought those styrofoam airplanes for the bigger kids right? Well, Mandy, Mom, and myself probably enjoyed them more than they did! No matter which way we seemed to throw it, the wind picked it up and landed it on the roof or in the tree! It was fun!! Good investment for us Jenny!!!!


mandy said...

how did binders' plane end up in our roof? HAHA

Aunt Jenny said...

Glad to hear you grown-up kids had a good time with them, at least! :)

Anonymous said...

Good pics Beck, The plane pics are so funny. It looks sooooo real.(Ha Ha) We did have fun though. mandy and I had fun with them the other nite---she even bought new ones. We laughed and laughed. Hope to see you soon. Give hugs and kisses to the kids, Love, G-Ma XO XO

小小彬 said...