Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Sorry,I'm going to be late for work....the road is flooded!"

On Monday, I had to work at 5:00. I usually leave the house a little after 4:00 to get the kids to the store. Well, a little before 4:00, the heavens rained...and rained...and rained. So I didn't get to leave right on time. I thought, it has to let up pretty soon, we might just run a little late. Well, it let up, got the kids in the car and we were off. I thought, 'Ok, we've still got plenty of time'. Until I turn onto Nichols Road and got closer to the golf course. There I saw all the water rushing around the greens, bridges and around the catfish ponds. This area is probably the lowest lying area here! Go figure. With all the ran in the past, I've never seen this road flood over. (There are signs warning drivers of being a flood area).

Where the people are standing is the roadway. Taken out by water!

part of the greens

Finally let up around 4:45 and cops started letting people drive thru it.

poor guy on the motorcycle:(

Our parking lot was filled as well. In an hour, we recieved 2-3 inches of rain.


Aunt Jenny said...

Wow! I guess those signs weren't kidding! That's wild!

Anonymous said...

Hey, kind of makes you feel like you live in Burlington, sort of "back home" feeling. I often wondered when I would drive by that area (sign) on how much rain it would take to flood that. Glad you didn't chance it and go thru it. It's not worth the risk.
Love ya's, Dad/Papa xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks party's postponed on account of rain!! You just missed being here for our floods,Ha. Now we believe that sign. I also wanted to tell you how much I loved your hair do!! So cute, ya make me sick!! Ha,ha. Love ya all, G-Ma XO XO