Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, I hope everyone had a great Easter! We did. These pictures won't be the best quality since I had to dig out my 35mm camera to use. On Saturday, Tim had told me that the Easter Bunny was going to be at the mall across from the store. So we went there and saw him! Taylor was so excited. They sat so good on his lap. Colin, on the other hand, while sitting good, he wasn't feeling the best and had a poopy diaper! Which come to find out, he had leaked thru his pants; just hope it didn't leave a mark on the bunny! Hee hee! She was so proud to get the picture.

Here are the kiddos all dressed up for Easter Mass. Colin still wasn't feeling good, so he just stood there! (Still looking really cute!!!)

Taylor finding her Easter basket behind the chair! We just had a hunt in our house. The Easter Bunny hid them on Taylor's desk, in her chair, by the fireplace, on the TV stand, and around the hutch. It was fun to watch her get so excited to find that they were either filled with M&M's or money!

Colin playing with the eggs and his new trucks!

The Easter Bunny even left a trail of M&M's in Taylor and Colin's room. Here, if you look close enough, you can tell he has a mouth full of M&M' much for a healthy breakfast today!

Eating more M&M's!

Colin just not feeling good:( (But looking at his Big Surf Waterpark brochure!)

So after Mass, we came home and I started to make lunch for Tim and I. (Yes, I fed the kids!) I just made potato casserole and a ham steak. It was very yummy. After eating, I cleaned up and headed to work. It was a fun day!


mandy said...

i didnt know colin wasnt feeling well :(

i hope the lil guy is feeling better by now...

he and taylor just look too darling dressed up for easter :)

taylor looked like she LOVED sitting with the easter bunny, im glad because she never seemed to take to santa or anything, haha

cant wait to see ya's (yes, even tim...hehe) for the wedding!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! THE KIDS LOOK SOOOOOOOO CUTE!! Thanks for sending the pics. They turned out just fine on the "old" camera. GLAD YOU HAD A NICE MEAL BEFORE HEADING TO WORK. We missed you but maybe next year!!?? Love to all, G-Ma XXOO XXOO Yes even Tim!!

The Arnold Family said...

Happy Easter 1 week late! Cute pics!