Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playing around

The kids had a great time spinning with Tim. I have to say, it was quite funny to see them regain their balance once Tim put them down.

Taylor and I took a walk the other day. We were also trying the balance beam...aka the curb. Future gymnast...Taylor Cernin

Waiting for the elevator....what is it with kids and elevators?

Tim took this...pretty good huh?


mandy said...

LOVE the pictures...of course...hehe...too cute

i miss the kiddos so much...cant wait to see you next weekend :-D

mandy said...

OH...and must i saw that video is just hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the new pictures and especially the video of Tim and Colin spinning. I laughed my ass off. The poor little guy. I love you Colin anyway.

Love, Papa XOXO