Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Day

The kids and I headed to B-town last weekend for our Thanksgiving. On Saturday, we arrived around noonish and ate some lunch then played some. Headed to church and had dinner at Josh and Chelsea's. Yummy spaghetti bake--Thanks guys! I think the kids had a great time playing. Josh and Jayden were at church and Jayden was so excited for Taylor to come to his house after. Taylor didn't even want to leave! Sunday was our big meal! Alot of yummy food again. After our lunch, I took Taylor, Jayden, and Colin outside. They had been waiting so patiently to go out. Dad decided to get his tractor out and pull the kids around in it...including the big kids. (Yeah, that was my idea...sorry...but you'll all look back and laugh some day!!! Ha Ha!!) It was a beautiful day and we wanted to take advantage of it. The rest of the day was spent visiting, playing, all that good family fun stuff! Later that night, Mandy and I went to Target to do a little shopping. It was fun to shop with someone other than the kids. Monday, the boys came out, as well as Kim and Peyton, and we just played, before we had to head home. Mom treated us to Happy Joe's, then we had to hit the road. Overall, it was a great weekend. Only wish Tim could have made the trip with us. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, I know I take alot of pictures! Hope you enjoy!


aunt mandy said...

love the pictures...except the one of us...thanx beck...hehe

glad you were able to come up...wish tim could have been here as well

cyas soon!!!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to be all together for the day. Mised Tim though, I know he won't believr it, but it's true. The pics are great- can't get enough of them!! Thanks again for coming and the centerpiece. Love to all, G-Ma XO XO