Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, I did the last two posts backwards...I can't figure out how to switch them...dang nabbit
Anywho, Taylor and I carved her pumpkin today. We would've have done it with Tim, but I worked lastnight and tonight and tomorrow being halloween.... So here are some pictures! I think I do pretty good work! The dark one is with her blue flashing light in the pumpkin. The picture puts it to shame, because it looks really cool!


Anonymous said...

What a cute pumpkin!!! It looks so scary with the blue lite in it. You did a great job carving it. Have fun trick or Treating at the store etc. Wish we could be together. Hugs and Kisses, Love, G-Ma XO XO

aunt mandy said...

the pumpkin is cute tay!!!

very princessy :)

hope you had fun helping mom carve it and i hope you get lots and lots of goodies for halloween and don't take colins hehe :)


Chelsea said...

You have some great pumpkin carving skills! Your pumpkin is awesome, I especially like the glitter :)
The kids costumes are super cute. Sorry Colin's first didn't work out, but I think the elephant is really really cute. Happy Halloween! We missed you guys tonight!

Shelene said...

Dang! You do have some serious skills - that is one cool pumpkin! And Taylor looks really excited, so that makes it even better! :)

Aunt Jenny said...

OMG! Your pumpkins are too flipping cool! I can't wait to show Jonathan - he'll die. He thought he had the corner on cool pumpkins.