Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kids will be Kids

Colin has learned to climb up a chair and onto the table. I took this picture AFTER I got him down. I so wanted to take a picture of him up there, but didn't want to leave him up there while I ran to the bedroom to get my camera. The chair doesn't have to be out too far for him to climb up either!!! What a hoot!

No Mommy, I didn't climb up onto the table?

Sending big HUGS to everyone!!!! Muuuuaaah!

Little miss energy at night, was trying on Tim's shoes. It was so cute though. She would run to the hallway, pick a pair of shoes, then hide behind the couch and tell us to close our eyes. Colin would then go get his shoes, thinking we were leaving!

My Little baby girl...isn't little anymore! :(

Colin has taken a liking to powdered donettes...


grandma barb said...

cant stand the pics, they are sooooooo darling....taylor looks so grown up and colin is as cute as can be

see ya soon and love ya

Aunt Jenny said...

Colin, you are sooo your mother's son! Bec, I guess Mom's wish came true - you have kids exactly like you (except yours are cuter *teehee*). Taylor you look all grown up - I can't believe it. The pic of her in Tim's clothes - too funny!