Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

So I ran into a little problem(s) with Colin's costume. The first one I ordered was the frog...which looked soooo darn cute on him. However, the bodysuit was entirely tooo short on him. This was a size infant/toddler...which the website said 'fit up to 18 mths...go figure! It buttons up around the legs, and I could hardly get all the buttons snapped. So, instead of making the poor kid suffer (what any other parent would have done,) I sent it back and ordered the elephant costume. The elephant was size 18-24 months. Well, can you guess how this one fit? The body suit fit better, but the arms and legs are too long. Now get this, the head piece, is too big on me!!! So he's going to be the first ever, safety pinned elephant! But I still think he looks adorable. Now, Miss Taylor, wanted to be Snow White...what can I say, can she get any cuter?! We found the entire outfit in the dress-up section at Target. She also has some sparkly red shoes to wear and her crown of course. Thank god it's going to be warm out this year!! Hope everyone has a spooktacular Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

Taylor you look absolutely adorable in your costume! The best part is you can play dress-up the rest of the time with it.Colin looked so cute as a frog, but I still like the elephant too.I hope you all have tons of fun!!! Love, G-Ma XXOO XXOO

aunt mandy said...

oh my gosh, colin looked so cute as a frog, too bad it was too small...oh well, he still looks ├╝ber cute in the elephant costume :)

taylor of course is beautiful and so darling!!! i love the outfits kiddos