Friday, August 1, 2008

Boatin' on the Lake!

Tim took vacation this it's been wonderful having him home! He didn't even go into the store...except for coffee...which he went to the gas station for that!! On Tuesday, he and Taylor went swimming. She has been doing really good too. She has a floater that she hangs on to and just kicks. She has even gotten good at standing at the steps of the pool, with floater around her, and jumping in by herself. Finally, after a couple months of trying to actually get 'on' the Lake, we were able to get out on Thursday afternoon! Steve and Linda Staab, employees of Tim's, has been trying to get us up to their house. It turned out to be a beautiful night!! We cruised down their 'arm' of the lake to the main channel, then back past their house and ate dinner at a lake bar. We ate yummy Mexican food! (the menu was 'Mexican night'). Taylor loved being on the boat...probably more so sitting in the cabin of the boat then the outside of it. Colin, well, he hates wearing the life vests. But overall they both did very well. Colin got to drive the boat with Steve. He loved that part. It was a great night. They live about 30 minutes from the store. So we got home after 10pm. Both kids were wiped out!


aunt mandy said...

love the pix!! looks like it was a lot of fun...i love speed boats

cant wait to see ya's next weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

WHat a little man you are Colin!! And TAylor, you look so grown up! Love the pics, Glad you had fun. See ya soon!!! xoxo, G-Ma

Aunt Jenny said...

I'm so glad you guys finally got to go for a boat ride. That looks like so much fun! I'm glad the kids enjoyed it.