Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Argh Matey's

I know, she's going to hate me (or these pictures) when she gets older! We went and played Mini-Golf on Sunday at Pirates Cove. She has a great time as usual. She was extremely excited when she got the eye patch, hat, and flag. What surprises me even more, is that she actually put it all on! Shiver me timbers!!!


aunt mandy said...

those are too funny...i cant believe she actually put them on either!!!

see ya's this weekend :)

Aunt Jenny said...

yeah, she's gonna hate ya for this but hey, you have or will be earning the right at some point. Taylor, I think you look great. I'd give you all MY loot!

Chelsea said...

That's so cute!
This one will be perfect for high school graduation pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Taylor looks cute in her Pirate gear. I hope to see it when we come down Sat. YO HO, AND A BOTTLE OF RUM MATEY.
See ya's real soon. Love, Papa

Anonymous said...

Taylor, You look so darling...even for a Pirate! Can't wait to see it when we come down. I want to play golf with you sometime!! ARG!!! Love ya, G-Ma

The Arnold Family said...

Thanks for reading and saying hello! Are those pictures of Taylor? I have heard so much about her! I met her one time when your mom brought her over to Chelsea's house. But that was probably...2005? 2006? A LONG time ago. She is so big! I actually think she and my Royce's birthdays are right around each other.

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