Monday, July 7, 2008

Jenny's Visit to Osage part II

My parents and Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jim came down Thursday thru Saturday. While they were here, we went and rode Go-Karts and played more games at Miner Mikes, and had a cook-out on Friday night. We were able to see a few fireworks displays from our house. But you could hardly hear them. We didn't go anywhere for a couple reasons, 1). traffic would be horendous and 2). Taylor had a 'terrible three's tantrum'. She fell asleep on the couch anyway....very tired little girl. Jenny and I did sparklers, whipper snappers, and party poppers. It was alot of fun!

Kids at heart!

Papa carrying the kiddos; Taylor got this bubble wand with tickets at Miner Mike's

Happy 4th!

Dinner at Chili's with everyone...even Tim was able to join us!

Fun at Miner Mike's

Go-karts were soooo much fun! I know Taylor really enjoyed them!

Poor Dad's car wouldn't speed up to catch us.

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aunt mandy said...

looks like even MORE fun!!!

cant wait to get down there again...sometime